Five films to check out at Transitions Film Festival

Five films to check out at Transitions Film Festival

Almost Human
Words by Aine Keogh

Visions for a better world.

The ninth annual Transitions Film Festival returns to Cinema Nova and selected Melbourne venues with an enthralling array of documentaries designed to engage audiences with the present state of the real world. Expanding upon themes of biodiversity, artificial intelligence, social innovation, climate change and nature, Transitions Film Festival explores imperative subjects and informs in order to shape our collective future. While you can’t go wrong with this year’s program, we’ve picked five films worth checking out to help you narrow down your watchlist.


Convoy trails former Greens leader Bob Brown and a passionate community of protesters as they make a 3500km trek across Australia in hopes of halting the development of the Adani Carmichael coal mine. Exploring one of the most important climate fights of our generation, Convoy portrays a vision of hope that enthrals its viewers to join the cause and work towards a more sustainable future. Convoy screens on Friday February 21 at Cinema Nova, followed by a panel discussion with Bob Brown and the film’s Director, Matthew Newton.

When The River Runs Dry

When The River Runs Dry unpacks the rules which govern the Murray Darling Basin and how they are destroying the environment and ousting communities. Bringing to light the appalling plans of the NSW government and the greed that is seeing big corporations destroying communities and layers of history and heritage, When The River Runs Dry aims to offer hope for a better water future as it communicates the importance of water rights. When The River Runs Dry comes to Cinema Nova on Saturday February 22.

Almost Human

Narrated by Stephen Fry, Almost Human is a haunting and eerie film that investigates the relationship between people and artificial intelligence. The film provokes its audience to question the age of technology and the ways in which we interact with it. Philosophers, anthropologists, archaeologists and physicists each offer insight into the human condition and examine the role science plays in our rapidly changing world. Almost Human is showing on Wednesday February 26 at Cinema Nova.


Sanctuary follows the touching journey of Javier and Carlos Bardem and leaders of Greenpeace as they venture to the Antarctic Ocean to create the world’s largest marine sanctuary. Sanctuary provides insight into how science, politics and social media come together to unite almost three million individuals in the battle to preserve the world we live in. The film endeavours to raise awareness and engage its audience with the struggle that comes with saving the ecosystem of the last untouched wilderness on the planet. Sanctuary screens on Friday March 6 at Cinema Nova.

The Story of Plastic

From the makers of The Story of Stuff, The Story of Plastic unveils the ugly truths and human ignorance that have festered in a global plastic pollution crisis while celebrating the global movement of individuals stepping up in response. Exploring how the oil and gas industries have successfully tormented and manipulated Earth, this exposé is one of great urgency, designed to not only change viewers’ perspectives but to fuel change everywhere. The Story of Plastic comes to Cinema Nova on Thursday March 5.


Bitcoin has been labeled as one of the most disruptive technologies of our times. Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and The Future of The Internet explores the brains behind the currency system and examines the evolving blockchain industry and its utopian notions. Join filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann as he investigates the technology and the larger implications of the crypto-world, exploring the internal civil war that Bitcoin has riled and the role cryptocurrencies will play in this ever-evolving world. Cryptopia is showing at Cinema Nova on Wednesday March 4.

Transitions Film Festival comes to Melbourne from Thursday February 20 until Friday March 6. For tickets and the full program, visit the TFF website