Father’s Day Special: Bad Love Club


Tell us about Bad Love Club. Bad Love Club is a Boozy Bakery, located snugly in Footscray. It was started off the back of a small batch, baked goods market stall and a family of bakers. Combine this with a shared passion for all things deliciously boozy, and voila, you get Bad Love Club.

Who are Garage Project? Garage Project is an independent NZ brewery based in Aro Valley, Wellington. GP’s aim is to create unique and beautiful beers, to push boundaries, reinterpret styles and challenge the notions of what beer can be. To date, the brewery has created over 300 different beers, and counting.

What have you got planned for Father’s Day? We’ve brewed up a beer and bake sale, featuring two decadent GP brews. Verbotene Früchte; Black Forrest Gateau dessert lager, and Chocolate Beer (first time pouring in Australia). We’re going to be pouring early, and will be baking some comforting savoury, and of course nostalgic, sweets, to partner with the brews.

What’s the ultimate Father’s Day treat? We think that every dad likes to secretly pamper themselves a fair bit; and indulge in a beery delight. So, we hope to create the ultimate treat by braising some pulled pork in GP beer and stuffing it into some golden flaky pie crusts (that also ooze with cheese).

Anything else we should know to prep for the big day? Zero prep required, but if you’re keen to nab a table for your family (we are a teeny tiny venue, so bookings are a must), email alex@badloveclub.com.au.