Electronic news: Melbourne’s Sub Club to throw huge 5th birthday party

Electronic news: Melbourne’s Sub Club to throw huge 5th birthday party

Words by Michael Cusack

While Flying Lotus new album is just about here and Margari's Kid drops a fresh EP.

The Sub Club is celebrating five-years on Saturday May 24 with a big party over two levels, enlisting all their favourite promoters to have their selectors take over for a few hours each, including Wax Nomads, Charades, Bomphcast, Plastic Dreams, Overcast and Instasis. It’s an interesting idea, one they’ll have to program carefully with music covering a broad range of genres and vibes, including dub, breakbeat, house, techno, disco and everything in between. The venue’s also offering extended hours, with happy hour going down between 5am-7am, as well as $5 entry before 11pm. With venues closing on-masse in the city in recent years (RIP Lounge, Mercat Basement, Hugs&Kisses), the Sub Club is one of the last true late-night back alley homes of debauchery that continue to support the underground scene. Please Melbourne, support this fantastic venue.

Seminal Los Angeles beatmaker Flying Lotus’ sixth album is dropping on Friday May 24 via Warp Records. The monster 27-track record is entitled Flamagra and is his first album since 2014’s You’re Dead. FlyLo has transcended the usual career passage for a mid-2000s beatmaker in recent times, releasing a gruesome and bizarre horror movie called Kusmo in 2017, then collaborating with Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe on the Blade Runner Black Out 2022 anime short. Two tracks and videos have surfaced from Flamagra so far, ‘Fire Is Coming’ featuring David Lynch and ‘More’ featuring Anderson .Paak. Last month we saw David Lynch star in the creepy clip for ‘Fire Is Coming’ as a face inside a wolf head reciting beat-poetry. The ‘More’ video has just dropped too, and features Watanabe’s incredibly psychedelic animation work. Robot DJ, space man morphing into a burning tree with organs on it – you know, the usual. A tour incorporating 3D visuals has been announced for the album, hopefully it makes its way to Australia.

Om Unit’s label, Cosmic Bridge, has just released its first output for 2019, and it’s a doozy. The five-track EP called We Are Ghosts Now, from the relatively unknown Spanish artist Margari’s Kid, is a beautifully produced and forward thinking take on the deep minimal post-dubstep sound, taking up where artists like Burial left-off. Or as Om Unit himself puts it: “As Margari’s Kid, José María Moya Sánchez is almost entirely leaning out of the pre-existing sphere of Drum & Bass and dancing in the rain on his own. This could be the beginning of something very special, and I think you should really pay attention.” Check it out via Bandcamp or the usual streaming suspects.