Dragoons’ new album is raw but ambitious and wide-ranging

Dragoons’ new album is raw but ambitious and wide-ranging

Words by Tom Parker

This is a fun listen.

As a non-musician, I often think how I’d approach starting a band if I was to ever pick up an instrument. I’d do away with any form of convention – there’d be a hell of a lot of wobbly synthesisers and plenty of extended tracks.

Listening to the new record from Melbourne post-garage band Dragoons, I get a feeling that they approach their music with a similar mindset. It’s not in the synths but in a “yeah why not, fuck it” mentality. Two tracks on Dragoons Are a Band! extend beyond six minutes while another doesn’t even breach 60 seconds.

There’s sampled spoken word on the album’s premier track ‘Shut It Down’, while six-minute final track ‘Oh No, Not Dragoons Again’ is a wandering parade that doesn’t follow any regular standard – as each bandmember is verbally introduced, the bassline doesn’t waver; there’s also whacky solos, whistles and tinny bongos.

This record is like spooning yourself a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream with your eyes shut – you don’t know what you’re gonna get, but that’s the beauty of it. Musicians can often be bound by conformity such is the trustiness of a blueprint, but obedience can often be an artist’s first blunder. Thank you, Dragoons.