Don Fernando

Don Fernando


“Marijuana, chorizo sausage, anything Mexican, hot sauce, absinthe, a pig, some chickens, a cow and potato chips.”

Name: "James Innes, member of Don Fernando."

Ten bands everyone should know about:

"Don Fernando, Kyuss, Thin Lizzy, QOTSA, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Alice In Chains, Clutch, Black Sabbath."

Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:

"Marijuana, chorizo sausage, anything Mexican, hot sauce, absinthe, a pig, some chickens, a cow and potato chips."

Eight possessions that define you:

"My sharp wit, drumsticks, guitar, Macbook pro, Seinfeld box set, packet of Lifestyles extra large, my hot sauce collection and my gimp Ronald in the basement."

Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mix-tape:

"Seinfeld, Cool Hand Luke, Zeitgeist, Facejacker, Arrested Development, Dave Chappelle, Deep Throat."

Six bad habits you can’t escape:

"Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, smoking, playing too quick, fucking on first dates."

Five people who inspire you:

"John Lennon, Josh Homme, James Hetfield, Dave Grohl and Alex Jones."

Four things that turn you on:

"Loud guitar, women who do justice to denim shorts, Amsterdam’s red light district and coffee shops."

Three goals for your music:

"To tour Europe and Scandinavia again in September 2011, to tour USA in 2012 and to play festivals in Europe."

Two live gigs you’ll never forget and why:

"Faith No more at Charles Hotel, North Perth, 1990, ‘cos it was such an amazing gig in a small venue and they played War Pigs by ‘Sabbath. I also met Puffy Bordin after the show. Along with Motorhead at the Covent Garden Opera House in London back in 2004. I set up the drums, watched the show, was given a gram of coke by a punter who being chased by bouncers and hung out with Lemmy after the show. I also nicked so much of their drinks rider, I could barely carry my bag home."

One day left before the apocalypse and you…:

"Find Kim Kardashian and show her how I roll."

When’s the gig / release?

"Rock The Bay on March 12 headlining The Espy basement stage. Our second album Dia De Los Muertos is due midyear."