The Fitzroy Pinnacle

The Fitzroy Pinnacle

Fitzroy North, VIC

Originally a post office, the Pinnacle retired from the mail delivery business in the mid ’90s.

Since then it’s managed to distinguish itself from the competition with eclectic decor, great atmosphere and a unique street presence. The building’s gothic exterior may remain intact, but the interior is awash with colour. There’s a raised platform and dining area towards one end where you can enjoy casual meals or a round of drinks, or watch live bands. With peach walls, ornate columns and hanging lamps, there’s a certain whimsical charm. You half expect a rushed hare to come marching past checking its pocket watch, closely followed by Alice.

The actual bar is low-key and laidback, the sort of the place you can pull up a seat and while away the hours talking to friends. Oh, and the walls are lined with quirky brik-a-brak and memorabilia for no particular reason – just a hodge-podge of ‘stuff’. It might not serve much purpose, but it adds to the charm and the general warmth of the venue. Drinks are what you’d expect from a Fitzroy pub; a selection of local and imported beers, a reasonable wine list and enough spirits to get you in trouble.