Dermot Kennedy’s new album ‘Without Fear’ is expressive and cathartic

Dermot Kennedy’s new album ‘Without Fear’ is expressive and cathartic

Words by Priya Francis

It’s an emotive debut from the rising Irish troubadour.

It’s been an algorithmic rise to fame for Irish busker Dermot Kennedy, whose debut single ‘An Evening I Will Not Forget’ found its way onto Spotify’s individually tailored playlist, Discover Weekly. The addition of another song, ‘Boston’ to Taylor Swift’s personal playlist only boosted his profile.

It’s fitting that the first song he released opens his debut album, Without Fear; a collection of cathartic, immersive songs that capture the essence and power behind Kennedy’s voice and storytelling.

‘Power Over Me’, the third track of the album, has already proven its popularity with fans, having been taken for a true spin out on the road at festivals and concerts. It’s one of the many songs on the album which encapsulates Kennedy’s ability to simmer just below the surface before roaring through powerful choruses and hooks.

Kennedy poetically expresses his inner thoughts in a way that makes each song on the record deeply personal and authentic. ‘Rome’ translates almost as a diary entry, while ‘Outgrown’ blends hip hop influences with the anthemic timbre of his voice, perfected during his days busking.

Title track ‘Without Fear’ offers a dynamic finale to an album that embodies a moment in time Kennedy has managed to capture within thirteen raw and vulnerable tracks.