What’s the central premise of your show? Our show is a physical exploration of what it means to have internal struggles. It examines how we might deal with the burdens and consequences of trying to survive alone.

What does your show say about society today? Deadweight. is a commentary on the way we as a society accept and tend to our own struggles. It wrestles with the ideas that struggling is dirty and rough and questions the magnitude of letting go, and seeking support. It questions our society’s inherent nature to struggle alone, and interrogates what might happen when that cycle is broken.

What do you want the audience to take away from your show? Burdens can take on numerous shapes and forms including mental illness and trauma in which are lived with day to day. We want to create an open discussion and hope our audience members experience a shift in thinking and are challenged to reflect on how they handle their own mental health and histories.

How does your show play with convention? Deadweight. is anything but conventional. Set in a two tonne dirt pit, the show offers an immersive experience that not only allows an audience to view our work, but they also have the involvement of smelling a tactile element which is not often seen in conventional theatre.

Where do you plan to take your show after Melbourne Fringe? As an emerging theatre company this is our first Fringe Festival. We’d love the opportunity to continue our Fringe run in Adelaide and potentially even Edinburgh.