David Lynch Shoegaze Freakout

David Lynch Shoegaze Freakout

Join us for a Shoegaze, Electro, David Lynch Freakout!!!

Driving the lost highway from Adelaide are The Howling Fog, a surreal shoegaze verb drenched fuzz factory who were the inspiration for owl cave mystery. Not to be missed.

USER morph from electro jazz by night to grunge mechanic by day. Famously framed for murder to begin a new life that is Renee or Alice. Be afraid, you may receive a VHS tape.
The super limited edition 7” single “Don’t Look At Me/Mischief” will be available for purchase on the night.

B!and formed on the planet Arrakis where there Shoegaze, Psych, Power Pop sounds are as valuable as Malange. No royal decree will stop there world domination, you will bubble on the inside.

Golden Eye make a dramatically atmospheric and thought provoking sound that leaves you with amnesia and makes you take refuge in the City of Angels.

Electric Light Brigade with bring the freak out and project David Lynch films to activate and enhance the atmospheres.

A special “Blue Velvet Shot” and with thanks to Frank “Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer” will be available on the night.

Supported by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Doors open at 8.

$10 will get you to the other side.