Independent election candidate Dave Blake proposes music festival safety council

Independent election candidate Dave Blake proposes music festival safety council

Dave Blake

Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get into politics and where does your political passion spur from?

When I left school I studied to be a teacher but that did not pan out. I then discovered that being unemployed without skills or qualifications in a time of high unemployment in Queensland in the ‘80s was tough. After a year of unemployment, I decided to study politics at uni so that I could better understand Queensland politics. This was when the Bjelke-Petersen government was in power.

You were once a member of the ALP but have never been a member of a political party since you left Labor. Why is that?

I joined the ALP when I was at uni because it was the only opposition back then. I left the ALP because they became soft on uranium mining. These days I am open to evaluating nuclear energy as a source of reliable energy. I have never joined another party since because they are bereft of thinking in the long term for the overall good of the country, and they struggle to accommodate creative thinkers like myself.

What are your goals for the upcoming federal election?

I want to secure as many primary votes as I possibly can. I am a credible, solid alternative to the Greens, the ALP and the Liberals in Melbourne, a candidate with ten years public sector experience and 20 years in small business. My goal is to be the superior, quality alternative to the mediocre lineup that has been dished up to the Melbourne electorate by the other parties.

Tell us about your policies. Why are they more favorable than your competing parties?

I have a great jobs and housing policy that involves setting up medical research institutes in rail corridor country towns, in towns such as Woodend and Ballan, where land is cheaper. A kick start of 100 well-paying research jobs in ten of these towns could generate hundreds of other jobs over time.

We are beginning to unlock the secrets of the bacteria that live within us (the microbiome), especially how they influence mental and cardiovascular health, and the role the microbiome plays when people develop cancer. I wish to open a National Microbiome Research Institute which would help us get the necessary detail to create new treatments.

What’s your stance on music and the arts?

I am a huge fan of Australia’s regional art galleries. I have a policy to fund their expansion so they can show more artworks. I also want to fund script development of the lives of ten great, but not so well known, Australians for both film and episodic drama versions. This is the only policy in the election that is about putting real money into the hands of writers.

I also want to establish a Music Festivals of Australia Safety Council so that experienced music festival operators can pass on their knowledge to organisers who are new to the game. Safety is more than drugs testing, it also covers utilities, traffic and crowd management, as well as dealing with crappy weather.

I want to vote for someone that I can easily relate to and is personable. Why is that you?

Personable – yes! I do get a whack on the knuckle for being a bit too talky at times, and not getting to the point. I am optimistic and hopeful and positive. I always believe there is a way to solve a problem, even if the solution can’t be found straightaway.

For someone that isn’t too invested in politics and doesn’t know much about any of the candidates, why should they tick your box?

I have successfully run a small business (in partnership) for the last 20 years. That experience counts. Small business experience is about persistence and dealing with adversity and thinking about your customers. Pick someone with business experience who understands job creation and the need to design our economy so that people can easily move in and out of jobs.

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