Candy’s new album ‘Everything In Motion’ is the perfect summer soundtrack

Candy’s new album ‘Everything In Motion’ is the perfect summer soundtrack

Photo: Kalindy Williams
Words by Rob Harrison

One of Melbourne’s hardest working musicians returns with a fantastic record.

Candy has released another perfect summer soundtrack in Everything In Motion. The 11-track album talks about seedy Sundays, feeling guilty about hating Sydney, and finally feeling at home in Melbourne.

And although it does cover some deeper issues, such as isolation from your family, the people in your life, and yourself, it’s ultimately a feel good album that would be suited to almost any situation.

The deeper side of the album is brought about through the inclusion of voicemails that depict someone trying to get a hold of Candy and saying they miss him. Including the voicemails provides helpful context and makes you feel as if Candy has written the songs right there in front of you.

The sound of Everything In Motion is a testament to the experience Candy has accumulated in the lo-fi genre throughout the years. His expertise comes in the form of fun guitar and bass melodies, while the snare holds it all together. There’s also synth mixed in, resulting in a good mix of intertwining melodies that’s sure to make your summer.

The album isn’t just carried by the lyrical content – every element of each track has been considered and it pays dividends.