Brunswick Music Feastival is serving up a smorgasbord of food-inspired bands

Brunswick Music Feastival is serving up a smorgasbord of food-inspired bands

Words by Sarah Ghassali

Feast your ears this March with six of Melbourne’s finest musical delicacies performing at the Brunswick Music Feastival.

As a part of the upcoming Brunswick Music Festival, the similarly-named occasion brings together an eccentric lineup of Melbourne-based bands such as Crepes, Sunfruits, Baked Beans and Eggy. Taking place on Wednesday March 11 at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute, there’s never been a better way to stimulate your senses.

The inspiration behind this cracker of an event? Organiser Dom Moore, a keen music lover himself and a member of performing band Eggy, found that many of his favourite bands are surprisingly named after food.

“I was talking to Tim Karmouche from Crepes one night, and we both found that there are many bands named after food just in Melbourne alone. It’s always been an idea at the back of my mind, so it just made sense to put something like this together.”

Emily Ulman and the Brunswick Music Festival, which will showcase phenomenal artists such as Seeker Lover Keeper, Alex Cameron and Sui Zhen throughout March, enabled the pipedream to eventuate. Ever since Ulman took charge of the programming in 2019, community has been a big focus of hers.

“Brunswick Music Festival has been awesome to make this all come together, we’re really excited to work with them and to give this show a broader reach. It would’ve been an option to put the show on ourselves but when the opportunity came up to work with BMF, we were stoked and jumped on board.”

Putting together this one-of-a-kind ‘Feastival’ lineup doesn’t come without challenges, but it’s creation ultimately came to life through the camaraderie of the Melbourne music community.

“Going out, playing shows and seeing similar bands perform often, it was actually a lot easier to bring everyone together than I thought it would be – we’re really lucky in Melbourne that the community is so friendly, everyone knows each other, it all came together pretty smoothly.”

For just $15 a ticket, this music-filled night kicks off with a Long Lunch of eccentric R&B melodies, slacker jazz instrumentation and pop textures, from the namesake group itself, Long Lunch. Performing from 6:30pm they’ll be showcasing their latest EP Tangle and exhibiting their funky, laidback tunes.

Fend off the post lunch blues with a healthy handful of Sunfruits, sweetening up the stage from 7:20pm. With their Beatles-style psychedelic tangents and songs that stick in your head like gum to a shoe, their easygoing melodies will make you want to groove away all night long.

From there, Eggy take to the stage from 8:10pm. An indie rock band coming in hot from the heart of Melbourne, they’ll bring balance to your musical diet with sprightly four-piece harmonies and catchy guitar lines. This one’s a full pallet of emotion and style.   

Bask in the sugar-filled melodies of Crepes, a Ballarat-born, Melbourne-based outfit known for their dreamy guitar tunes stacked on top of infectious loops and harmonies. They’ll be flippin’ hot straight from the pan from 9pm. 

For dessert, it’s time to treat yourself to a slice of enigmatic experimental pop with Biscotti, a child of the ‘80s who’s not afraid to show her true colours, diverse style and bombastic beats. She’s baking together a soothing blend of disco, synth pop and funk, to fully satisfy that sweet tooth of yours from 9:50pm.

Last but definitely not least, a late night snack of Baked Beans with a large serve of their organ driven garage psych will light up the stage. From the bubbling surf scene of Geelong, Baked Beans will take the stage by storm from 10:40pm.

The Brunswick Music Feastival goes down on Wednesday March 11. Grab your tix via