Break out of your food rut with a cooking class at Otao Kitchen

Break out of your food rut with a cooking class at Otao Kitchen

Otao Kitchen

Meet the cooking school dedicated to bringing joy into the kitchen.

In 2014, Chef Ha Nguyen launched Otao Kitchen, a cooking school designed to celebrate the diverse communities within Melbourne and the rich, varied food experiences that can be found across our multicultural city. Otao Kitchen’s range of classes cater to any and all levels of experience, ensuring healthy, flavoursome food is accessible to everyone. Focusing on fresh, nutritional and authentic meals, Otao Kitchen highlights the experiences of cooking and eating while emphasizing the connection between food and culture. So, whether you’re looking to break out of your food rut or sharpen your skills in the kitchen, they’ve got you covered.

Since it first launched in 2014, Otao Kitchen has educated aspiring cooks about Melbourne’s rich multiculturalism and the culinary practices that come with that. Tell us a bit more about how Otao Kitchen came to be. 

Founded by Chef Ha Nguyen in Richmond’s “little Vietnam” strip on Victoria Street with the aim of empowering people to connect through the back-to-the-basics ways of making food and drinks, chefs will teach you a bunch of easy-to-make, delicious meals perfect for any social gathering, celebrating the rich and varied cooking experiences of Melbourne’s immigrant Asian communities. Focusing on fresh, healthy and authentic meals, Otao Kitchen celebrates the experiences of cooking and eating while emphasizing the connection between food and culture.

Tell us about the Otao Kitchen cooking experience. What can one expect to learn from your classes?

Not only will you walk away with new skills and recipes, but Otao Kitchen’s classes are a reminder that cooking and eating should be enjoyable, meaningful experiences. You’ll be exposed to new cuisines and recipes while meeting new people and making friends over a shared table, exchanging tips and tricks for your kitchen.

How are the classes formatted? How long do they run for and when do they take place? 

The classes run at your convenience because you pick the date that best fits you. Classes run on weekdays and weekends, ranging from two hours to multiple-day courses.

Now that restrictions have eased in Melbourne, what has that meant for your cooking classes?

The past months have brought significant challenges and changes to the ways we live. As a result of the COVID-19 shutdown on our social lives, to keep things fresh in the kitchen and have you less likely to order takeout, Otao Kitchen Cooking School has launched a series of virtual cooking classes that will bring its chefs into your kitchen.

You also have virtual team cooking classes. What do these entail?

If you’re really looking to up your kitchen game, the Asian home cooking course online has you covered. Spanning a range of Asian cuisines from Japanese to Indian, you’ll learn the fundamental cooking skills tied to each of these unique Asian cultures with every lesson. Each week, you’ll gain access to new recipes, tutorials and lessons on everything from shopping tips and knife skills to nutritional tips and unique cooking methods

How can one sign up for one of your classes?

Signing up is just a click away on our calendar.  As soon as you select the class you wish to be part of by filling out your information, we will send you access to the class resources. Recipes, videos and virtual cooking details will be shared. No cancellations can be made after booking, however you can reschedule the date of your class.

Otao Kitchen is located at 360 Victoria Street, Richmond. For more information or to book into a cooking class, visit the Otao Kitchen website

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