Meet Big Easy Drinks, the new booze delivery service supporting independent makers

Meet Big Easy Drinks, the new booze delivery service supporting independent makers

Words by Tom Parker

Offering delivery services for all your favourite independent producers of beer, wine and spirits.

Lockdown has caused some headaches for us socialites. While we can’t go out to the pub and enjoy a beer or a glass of red at the moment, Big Easy Drinks is ensuring that our independent producers of beer, wine and spirits aren’t being left out in the cold.

Big Easy Drinks launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and immediately sprung into action when the lockdowns first came to fruition. Now, punters can get their hands on independently-made craft beers, wine, vermouth, whisky, gin, vodka, mixers, you name it, and have them delivered right to their door.

To go along with their wide-ranging selection of alcohol and mixers, the guys at Big Easy Drinks are also putting their hand up to help you with the selection process. Can’t decide which IPA you want or maybe your keen on a shiraz but are unsure which one to pick, well that’s where Big Easy Drinks’ staff selections list and live website chat comes in.

Head to their “Staff Picks and Survival Kits” webpage where Big Easy Drinks have already done all the hard work for you. Here they’ve got everything from an Espresso Martini kit to a “Bartender’s Breakfast” option for those keen to start their day the right way. Elsewhere, there’s curated packages from the professionals at Adelaide Hills Distillery, BentSpoke Brewing Co, Ministry of Beer, and more.

Looks like Big Easy Drinks have the alcohol delivery process down to a fine art.

Find out more about Big Easy Drinks at their website. Spend over $100 and they’ll deliver your booze for free. 

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