Beat’s ultimate guide to Brunswick Music Festival

Beat’s ultimate guide to Brunswick Music Festival

Photo by J Forsyth

Buckle up.

This year’s Brunswick Music Festival is just around the corner – Monday March 9, to be precise – and in anticipation for the two-week celebration, we’ve collated a huge guide to help you navigate the mammoth offering at BMF 2020.

Almost three decades in, BMF has become a staple of the Melbourne music calendar. This year is certain to please, too, with a program bursting with international and local favourites playing across the suburb’s various live music venues over 14 days.

It’s a beast of a festival, and we aren’t leaving you to brave it alone. From where to eat before, after and between gigs to the acts you absolutely can’t miss, you’ll find it here.

We also caught up with the Programmer behind Brunswick Music Festival, Emily Ulman, to find out how the festival continues to reflect Melbourne’s diverse and vibrant music scene and had a chat to some of the incredible acts on this year’s bill.

So what are you waiting for? Dive on in.