Bad Religion’s 17th studio album points the finger at Donald Trump

After a six-year wait, the beloved punks are back.

Words by Rhys McKenzie

Stretching it, more than fairly, to a six-year wait, Bad Religion have finally returned with their 17th studio album Age of Unreason.

Boasting a new drummer and guitarist, Jamie Miller and Mike Dimkich respectively, Bad Religion also march on with Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, M83, Jimmy Eat World, etc.) taking the producer’s throne, taking Age of Unreason into new territory.

As for content, it’s what you’ve been waiting for, lyrically. In this day and age, the modern political upheaval in the US serves as the perfect subject for Bad Religion to call upon. Songs like ‘Chaos From Within’ and ‘Do The Paranoid Style’ serve the album as a worrying and even witty response to Trump’s America.

Dedicated to depicting the ills of modern America, Age of Unreason takes a less harsh approach encouraging high octane melodies with songs such as ‘Candidate’, ‘Downfall’ and ‘Lose Your Head’ at the forefront, and they are some solid tracks. It does, on occasion, hack into the fast and relentless with tracks like ‘Faces of Grief’ and even the ‘Chaos From Within’.

Overall, this is a solid body of work for the punk legends, no doubt.