‘Back to the Future’ cast reunite, recreate iconic scenes via livestream

‘Back to the Future’ cast reunite, recreate iconic scenes via livestream

As part of Josh Gad’s ‘Reunited Apart’ livestream series.

We’ve seen some fascinating reunions happening via livestream in lockdown – The French Prince of Bel-Air team got back together while those behind The Office, Parks and Recreation and Twin Peaks, among others, have also reunited.

As part of Josh Gad’s ‘Reunited Apart’ livestream series, the beloved actor took the step of reassembling the Back to the Future team. First, a clueless Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) jumps online and starts talking about another of his movies, Taxi, before Gad then introduces Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) and suddenly the nostalgia feels are real.

Lloyd and Fox chat about the last time they saw each other, before Gad then proceeds to introduce Lea Thompson, the mother of Marty in the movie. From there, the likes of Mary Steenburgen, Claudia Wells and Elisabeth Shue also appear as well as director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale, among others.

Throughout the stream, the castmembers ask each other questions about the movie, while iconic scenes are also played out. It’s not that Gad asks for the script to be read, the actors effortlessly oblige.

From Lloyd asking Fox, “Michael, how often do you turn on the news at night and say to yourself, ‘This is heavy'”, to Fox and Thompson recreating a scene from the latter character Lorraine Baines-McFly’s bedroom, the video is a genuine reminiscing sesh perfect for any Back to the Future tragic.

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