An Inconvenient Comedy Show

An Inconvenient Comedy Show

A charity show of comedians saving the world, one stand-up set at a time.

Times are tough. Climate crisis, rampant inequality, and Pauline Hanson is still a thing. So a bunch of comedians are saving the world, one stand-up set at a time. See Captain Getup live on stage, heckle a vegan, and learn why eating the rich is the new superfood. Get answers to important questions, like: who is the leader we need in these trying times: ALBO, SCOMO, or that goat that yells like a human?

The show will raise funds for the family of Tanya Day – an Aboriginal woman who was killed in police custody. The family is campaigning to remove public drunkenness as an offence.

– Alistair Baldwin
– Aurelia St Claire
– Hannah Arbuthnott
– Maxwell J Smith
– Pam Rana
– Sashi Perera
– Tim Lo Surdo
– Vidya Rajan

TO BOOK TICKETS visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival website or call (03) 9660 9666.