Amity Dry : 39 Forever


A charming ode to the beauty and power of accepting change – and the inevitable ageing process that comes with it – is worth celebrating, 39 Forever starring Amity Dry is both funny, touching, and offers a real clause for further thought.

Part stand-up and part cabaret show, 39 Forever showcases Dry’s versatility throughout. Traversing the decades she’s spent on Earth soundtracked to the hits that defined her life, Dry’s vocal performance is impressive enough on its own to warrant the cost of entry. She has a natural knack for belting a power ballad, but still shines as a storyteller – bending pop hits to flesh out the show’s narrative. Pair that with down to earth jokes that are immediately relatable, and you have yourself a winning show.

From sharing experiences of her own burgeoning womanhood to detailing the struggles her own daughters now face in the age of social media, Dry tells a story that is empowering to all audience members – but particularly resonates with women. A natural rapport with her keyboardist makes for a terrific double act; the pair bouncing off each other when appropriate.

From her younger years in the ‘70s through to growing up in the ‘80s and beyond, Dry shares what it’s like to age gracefully in a world that often disregards women the older they become. But through her own passionate performance, she proves that the human experience is just like a fine wine – it really does get better with age.

Dry brings a healthy dose of star power to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. As she continues to grow older, no doubt she’ll have countless more hilarious tales and heartwarming songs to sing. Here’s to hearing them all next time. 

By Ravi O’Lee