Amazon (finally) releases more details of its upcoming ‘Lord of the Rings’ series

by Emilia Megroz

Welcome to the Second Age.

In November last year, Amazon announced news of their commitment to a multi-series adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s celebrated epic, Lord of the Rings. Details of the show have been sparingly released over the past few months via Amazon’s social media. But today, fans have woken up to the long-awaited news of the show’s setting, with Amazon dramatically tweeting “Welcome to the Second Age”.

The series’ Twitter page has also been teasing audiences by periodically releasing interactive maps of Tolkien’s fantasy world, hinting towards a series-specific timeline within the universe. This morning’s tweet confirmed that the series will be set in the Second Age, a whopping 3441 years before the tales we associate with Lord of the Rings took place.

Important details such as the show’s cast and release dates are yet to be determined; it seems that Amazon is keen to make fans wait.