Alt-rockers The Window in Floyd look to the future with their upcoming EP

Alt-rockers The Window in Floyd look to the future with their upcoming EP

The Window in Floyd
Words by Julie Fenwick

Though the old colloquialism ‘opposites attract’ may not be completely accurate in this scenario, the meeting of Ron Tan and Richard Rowland in early 2018 saw two gifted artists with very different synergetic talents form the alternative rock band The Window in Floyd.

Aided by their shared love of music and named belovingly after the band’s favourite rehearsal space in Bakehouse Studios, the two set out to create a sound that met somewhere between their two personalities.

“Richard and I would just jam with two guitars and for a good six months just try and work out the sound that we had or wanted to have. He was influenced by more unconventional guitar playing, stuff like St. Vincent and Sleater-Kinney, he was interested in a lot of math rock,” says Tan. “Whereas I was more about melody and structure, so it was a really good blend of skill sets.”

Initially intrigued by Rowland’s non-conformist style and inventive guitar lines, the duo’s musical compatibility led to the birth of their upcoming EP Recency – five tracks of intense, alternative rock with pronounced influences from bands such as Bloc Party, Depeche Mode and The National.

Inspired by his time overseas, which saw him forced to push through adversity and find stability in oneself and one’s character, they found the material for the EP.

“It’s inspired by a life where you’re away from your family and exploring the world, quite starry eyed but working through a number of tough personal issues … That is the theme of Recency.”

With each track its own interpretation of this theme, the band’s first recorded ‘Hologram’, the second song from the extended play stands as an outstanding ode to this intense and perhaps tumultuous period.

“It’s about knowing something’s not quite right inside but having neither the courage nor consciousness to admit it. That’s the reason for the name ‘Hologram’, not really knowing what’s quite there and about someone trying to show you what’s going on internally.”

Though dark in its subject matter, Tan’s experience overseas is not the only influence informing the band’s sound. With several elements that usually distinguish the origins of a successful band – a shared understanding of the music, a friendly rapport between members and (hopefully) talent, The Window in Floyd possessed only two of the three.

While musically the couple exceeded, their personal relationship faltered. The intensity between the two no doubt translated over into their music.

With Rowland’s time in the band ultimately coming to an end at the release of ‘Hologram’ in mid-2018, Tan believes that the additions of vivacious and free-spirited backing vocalist Manu Dor, Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien-esque guitarist Dave Edebohls and talented drummer Andy Rawson will change both the overall sound of the band and their performance in live shows.

“They bring a new attitude and a different kind of atmosphere. Rowland and I were very focused on building the sound, now it’s more about having fun.”

With their upcoming EP launch planned for Saturday October 12 at Boney, Tan continues to look further into the future with unrelenting optimism. The Window in Floyd are currently working on a follow up EP, one that is aimed at projecting a lighter, more cinematic sound, which reflects the band’s continual evolution. 

The Window in Floyd launch their new EP Recency at Boney on Saturday October 12. Grab your tickets via Moshtix. Recency is out Monday October 7.