Acclaimed artist Callum Preston announces new mixed media exhibition

Acclaimed artist Callum Preston announces new mixed media exhibition

Callum Preston

Everything Is Borrowed looks at sentimentality and the meaning we attach to objects and items.

After a massive installation dubbed RONE — Empire transformed a Burnham Beeches mansion into a living gallery of sprawling murals earlier this year, one of the artists behind the incredible art project returns with a solo exhibition.

In his new exhibition Everything Is Borrowed, Callum Preston will showcase a collection of mixed media, multidimensional works in a tribute to the objects we collect over our lifetime and the value we attach to them.

Everything Is Borrowed will feature canvas works as well as raw, hand-painted timber panels, with all pieces to be constructed onsite in Preston’s makeshift workshop within the Rialto’s KSR Art Bar. As part of his residency, Preston invites the public to come and watch him create the pieces which will be exhibited.

Built entirely from recycled materials, Preston’s temporary studio will be littered with old signs, tools and personal sketches — an homage to the material clutter which fills our lives.

“As we grow, items change value in our eyes; a most prized material possession can become forgotten. Previously meaningless items can become important in an instant, depending on who and what it represents. One day these ‘things’ will take on a different meaning for those who carry them in their own lives”, Preston said in a statement.

 “We live in a material world, but most of the time it’s about what an item means to a person, more than its monetary value. I want to highlight simple items and show them in a more heroic light.” 

Callum Preston’s residency for Everything Is Borrowed is open to the public now. The exhibition will run from Thursday November 21 until Thursday December 19 at KSR Art Bar, the Rialto.