A lunar eclipse is coming to Australian skies in July

Lunar Eclipse
Photo: Ganapathy Kumar

Mark it in your calendars.

Don’t forget to look up at the sky in July, because a lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia next month.

The partial lunar eclipse will begin at 6.01am AEST on Wednesday July 17, so be sure to set your alarms for an early start. The maximum eclipse will occur an hour and a half later at 7.30am. Sadly, Aussies might not be able to catch the eclipse in its full glory because it’ll be close to the horizon by the time it peaks. However, it might be possible to see it from higher ground, so it could be worth heading out of the city if you want to grab a good pic for the ‘gram.

It’s predicted to be the only lunar eclipse visible in Australia until next year, so make sure you roll out of bed at the right time to see it in all its red glory.

For more info, head to Time and Date’s lunar eclipse page.