A hard rock karaoke night is coming to Brunswick

A hard rock karaoke night is coming to Brunswick


Get ready to rock.

If you’ve always thought you have what it takes to make it as a rock star — you know, aside from the band and the fame — now is your chance to charm your fans while you belt out some rock anthems on stage. Stay Gold’s hard rock live band karaoke night is calling all rock enthusiasts to the stage to bask in the limelight, inflate those egos and put your pipes to the test.

This isn’t just any old karaoke night either, this is rock’n’roll destiny waiting to be fulfilled. Forget backing tapes, a live band will be ready and waiting to back you up. Plus, there are prizes for the best dressed rocker and the best performance, so pull on your tightest pants, tease that hair and get ready to prance.

If you need a little liquid courage, there are $5 drink specials between 8pm and 11pm to steady your nerves, not to mention the incentive of free drinks for those who get up and have a crack. And hey, even if you sound a bit shit, at least you’ll look and feel like a bloody rock star.

Hard Rock Karaoke Night is happening at Stay Gold on every Thursday from 8pm. Find more info here

Join us this Thursday for our Live Band Karaoke. The drinks are cheap and strong enough to get you on stage to sing that…

Posted by Stay Gold on Wednesday, 26 June 2019