A garlic bread festival is coming to Melbourne

A garlic bread festival is coming to Melbourne

BYO breath mints.

A festival devoted entirely to garlic bread is coming to Melbourne next month, stuffed with both your classic garlic bread recipes and some fairly eyebrow-raising concoctions.

The festival is being organised by Welcome To Thornbury, well known for its food truck park, and will be held on Saturday April 6. The team have brought together a number of beloved foodie establishments, including Mr Burger, Chef Calamari and Dr Sous, to help make all your garlic-ridden dreams come true.

Although, it won’t just be traditional garlic bread on offer. Welcome to Thornbury is promising garlic bread burgers, garlic bread gozleme and fancy garlic bread for punters to chow down on. For dessert, be sure to taste test the intriguing abomination that is garlic bread ice cream. What a time to be alive.