A brand new 400-seat Tex-Mex restaurant is opening in Fitzroy

A brand new 400-seat Tex-Mex restaurant is opening in Fitzroy

Words by D'arcy McGregor

If you like Tex-Mex food – and who doesn’t? – you’re in for an absolute treat. A brand new Tex-Mex food joint, El Camino Cantina, is opening its doors in Fitzroy this month.

El Camino Cantina has four locations up the east coast, but now the restaurant is arriving south of the New South Wales border. The address is 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy – the former home of the Fitzroy Social. Yes, it was sad to see the unicorn go, but from the ashes rises a 400-seat Tex-Mex restaurant, full of comically large margaritas and butt-loads of burritos – so there’s a silver lining for everything.

The Mexican-inspired American cuisine encompasses a lot of your favourite, thought-to-be-Mexican classics. Nachos? A Tex-Mex invention. The same goes for fajitas, crispy taco shells and chilli con carne to name a few. If it’s completely smothered in cheese, safe to assume it’s Tex-Mex.

El Camino Cantina is full of life, colourful sombreros, the best tunes from the ’80s to the noughties and big tequila-filled ‘ritas’. The menu bears no shame in being so big and bold – and why should it? Expect unlimited free chips and salsa served in restored Ford and Chevy trunks, street tacos and cheesy goodness on everything.

Is this traditional Mexican food? No, and it doesn’t claim to be. Will there be people sipping margaritas the size of their heads and wearing colourful sombreros? Look, yes, but that’s the vibe and it’s so much fun. El Camino Cantina won’t be what you’re looking for if you’re after a quieter, authentic Mexican dining experience. But if you’re after heaps of fun, big drinks, cheese, and loud (awesome) music, this is definitely a new stop to check out.

El Camino Cantina opens Friday June 14 at 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. The restaurant is slinging $7.50 giant ‘ritas’ (frozen or on the rocks) all weekend, as well as a free shot and sombrero for all bookings. For more info, head to the restaurant’s website.