60 Seconds With…Fabels

60 Seconds With…Fabels


Hey there. Who are we chatting with from Fabels and what do you do in the band?

Hiske Weijers, I play bass and keys and loops and sing.

You’ve just released your second album Hi, and will be visiting Melbourne off the back of the release. Walk us through the writing and recording process behind the record. 

All the songs are written by Ben Aylward and me together. He plays guitar and drum machine and also sings. The recording and mixing was done with Icelandic engineer Geir Brillian at Studio Om in Sydney.

How does Hi showcase the progression of Fabel’s sound compared to your previous releases?

We write/compose the songs with more confidence and more direction than previously. We started playing together in 2010, and have released one other album, Zimmer. The style feels the same, but as our songs are mainly about creating an atmosphere, I think Hi is more coherent than the previous album.

You’ll be showcasing Hi in all its glory at The Old Bar on Thursday June 23 with Astral Skulls, Spike Fuck and DJ Onion. What can punters expect from this show?

We take you from soft whispers and gentle guitars to a whirlwind of sounds and emotions and back again.