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Treehouse Lounge

263 Carlisle St
Balaclava, VIC 3183
37° 52' 9.2964" S, 144° 59' 43.9656" E
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Phone Number: 
9527 8940
Opening Hours: 
Tues-Fri 3pm-late, Sat-Sun 9am-late

Sitting on the corner of Carlisle Street, one of Melbourne's busiest and most rewarding coffee strips, is the Treehouse Lounge. The new and improved venue has been transformed into a relaxed yet elegant venue that will remind you of the carefree days of your childhood. Combining the rustic charm of a homemade Treehouse, complete with a hand-made tree-branch chandelier, and a mouth-watering cocktail and tapas menu, this trendy lounge exudes character.