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Transport Hotel

Flinders St Transport Hotel
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
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Opening Hours: 
Sun-Thu 11am-late, Fri-Sat 11am-4am

At the time of its arrival, the Transport Hotel was heralded as the only reason to visit the supposed blight that was Melbourne's newly erected Federation Square. A bit of time has gone by now, and the precinct has proven itself a sterling edition to the cultural and culinary landscape of our city, but the attitude towards Transport remains the same: it's as good as any reason to hit the city. Incorporating the Transport bar itself, Taxi Dining Room one floor up and the Transit cocktail lounge on the top floor, this is one formidable drinking and dining location. Certainly one to hit that sickie button for. Keeping with the whole Fed Square-design aesthetic, the space is a mass of concrete slabs, wooden benches, large sheets of glass and exposed piping. The beer reticulation system itself arches out from the bar, with pipes running in many directions - almost like some mad scientist's invention. And you may find it hard to believe, but Transport offers over 100 varieties of beer from here and around the globe, on tap and bottled. Add an extensive list of wines from here and Europe's finest producers (nothing beats having a fine dining restaurant upstairs to bolster your wine list) and you have a certified winner. For the cost of a taxi home you can also grab a bite to eat. Shying away from anything gourmet, this is pub food at its best: chicken parmas, burgers, pastas, wedges - they have it all and by the truckload.