Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Wed-Sun 5pm-late

Transit Bar is one of those nicely kept secrets of Melbourne, known mainly to the lushes and the libertines of this fair city. Why a secret? Understandably, most folks on their way to find the bar never seem to make it past the ground floor, the mighty Transport Hotel. With its micro-brews, DJs and fusion menu, there are many reasons to stay put on God's green earth (cement?). But ascend the stairs to the second level and a world of fine wine, spirits and entertainment awaits.

Part cosy lounge bar and part balconey bar, Transit caters for a wide variety of tastes. With a decor consisting of leather couches and seaters, plush rugs and wood panelling along the walls, this bar simply oozes style. Any night of the week will find suave and sophisticated punters indulging their expensive tastes with a fine single malt or cognac, or supping at a superbly mixed cocktail. The service is as divine as the wine list, with both exhibiting a style and class you'd expect from a member's only venue. Naturally, you're expected to dress things up a bit if you wish to spend your night in luxury. But what better way to live the high life than by trotting out those racing season threads for a night on the sauce.