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Toff In Town

252 Swanston St Lvl 2
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
37° 48' 43.4016" S, 144° 57' 54.414" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Stiff Drink 1st of September, 8:00pm
Rita Satch 2nd of September, 7:30pm
Good Evening 4th of September, 7:00pm
Madup Chol & The Putbacks 4th of September, 7:30pm
Love Story 4th of September, 8:00pm
Midnight Express 4th of September, 11:00pm
Poprocks 5th of September, 8:00pm
Dead Letter Circus 6th of September, 7:30pm
The House DeFrost 6th of September, 11:00pm
The Sunday Set 7th of September, 4:00pm
Dead Letter Circus 7th of September, 7:30pm
Rita Satch 9th of September, 8:00pm
Steve Clisby: Walking These Streets Tour 10th of September, 7:30pm
Good Evening 11th of September, 7:00pm
Celia Pavey: Bodies Tour 11th of September, 7:30pm
Midnight Express 11th of September, 11:00pm
Poprocks 12th of September, 8:00pm
The House DeFrost 13th of September, 11:00pm
The Sunday Set 14th of September, 4:00pm
Anthony Fantano 14th of September, 7:30pm
Rita Satch 16th of September, 8:00pm
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Opening Hours: 
Sat-Thu 5pm-Late, Fri 3pm-Late, Sun 4pm-late

Melbourne's bar landscape is densely populated by bars and clubs that lean towards the luxurious end of the stick, with said stick containing a plethora of measures and graduations designed to calculate the exact degree of decadence therein. If such a stick were used (indeed, did even exist) to measure the Toff in Town I'm sure the reading would go right off the scale. Up two flights of stairs in Melbourne's famous Curtain House is a veritable Lewis Carol-inspired wonderland of French treats just waiting to fulfill your every desire ... well, almost every desire. Train carriage-style booths run the length of the main bar with total privacy assured by a few well-drawn blinds. The only interruption in your evening will come at the press of button when you summons the wait staff to deliver more liquid indulgence, or perhaps a small plate of French nibbles from the larder. The wine may be a little on the expensive side, but the sheer range of choice not available at many other French wine houses makes up for that fact. Of course, there's nothing wrong with approaching a suitable monsieur or mademoiselle and hitting them up for a few hefty glasses.