Revolver Upstairs

229 Chapel St, Prahran 3181
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 12pm-4am, Fri-Sun 24 hrs until Mon 4am

Revolver is legendary throughout Australia. It's one of those rare venues whose reputation extends beyond state boundaries. The debauched reputation of the place (and its 24-hour license) has a lot to do with that; Revolver is one of those places countless DJs, bands and hangers on have found themselves at, at 7am on a Sunday morning with limited memory of the previous night. Things are considerably less messy in the afternoons and evenings. Get there early and you'll find an ample selection of worn leather couches to choose from, walls covered in stencil art and a mixed bag of music on the PA. Even by day the place is a hub for musicians and industry people who like to conduct meetings over a drink or a game of pool. In keeping with the venue's grungy ambience, the drink selection is basic but gets the job done. You'll find an assortment of beers, wines and basic spirits behind the counter and, well, that's about it. Given the bar staff all tend to be involved in bands, that's probably for the best. Oh, and speaking of bands, the frontbar hosts everything from hip hop to rock to dance acts most nights of the week. You can drop in early for a bowl of mee goreng from the Thai restaurant and stay all night for a live gig and a thrashing on the pool table.