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Pint On Punt

42 Punt Rd
Windsor, VIC 3181
37° 51' 17.5716" S, 144° 59' 0.7692" E
there are no venues to display.
Phone Number: 
9510 3310

While you may think it quaint, or passe, to spend a night within an Irish pub, there are actually many reasons to make the effort. Pint on Punt, a mere stone's throw from St Kilda Junction, offers you that Irish pub vibe without the usual raucous. Sure, they get rowdy in their own way, but you're more than likely to come back once the novelty wears off. In fact, there are many reasons to ignore ye olde carpet and return for another cheap meal or to belt your lungs out at karaoke. Sure, the booth seats in the bistro may need a little attention from a carpenter, but the range of tap beers makes up for any imperfections in the furniture. Plus, there's a whole heap more in the fridge if you prefer a bottle. And if it's entertainment you're after - as opposed to a little rumpy on the dancefloor - there's trivia, karaoke, live bands and even poker nights.