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Paris Cat Jazz Club

6 Goldie Pl
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
37° 48' 48.8268" S, 144° 57' 38.6964" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Alma Mater 19th of April, 7:30pm
Briana Cowlishaw Quintet 1st of May, 9:00pm
Cannonball 25th of April, 9:00pm
Gianni Marinucci Nonet 24th of April, 9:00pm
Mingus Thingus 23rd of April, 9:00pm
Tamara Kuldin’s Dirty Martini 19th of April, 9:30pm
The Furbelows 3rd of May, 9:30pm
Tottie and the Wanderers 25th of April, 7:30pm
Anea Duratovic Quintet 26th of April, 7:30pm
L.A.A. 2nd of May, 7:30pm
Remi Solo Gypsy French Swing 18th of April, 6:00pm
Swing Train Featuring Gianni Marinucci 26th of April, 9:30pm
The John Montesante Quintet 3rd of May, 7:30pm
The Steve Sedergreen Quartet 2nd of May, 9:30pm
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Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sat 7pm-late

There's a new little cat which has slunk into the city and curled up in a back alley, waking only at night to put on a show for the hipsters ad funksters of our fair city. It's a new live music haunt by the name of Paris Cat. Gone are the smoky, late night-dens of our jazz-loving metropolis, to be replaced by fresh-aired, late-night dens filled with even more music aficionados. And in a short space of time, many have grown to call Paris Cat there second home. After traversing a dank laneway, this bar opens up into a multi-roomed, living/breathing tribute to all things sophisticated and syncopated. History's music greats peer over your shoulders (from their framed portraits) as you sup to your hearts content on local wines and superbly mixed cocktails. While there are plenty of places to plant your posterior, pole position is in front of the stage, where any number of musicians fill the room with the sounds of sweet, sweet jazz. While there may be a few other formidable jazz venues in town, it doesn't hurt to give the new kid (cat?) a look-in. Who knows; you may just end up with a new feline friend following you home.