Mi Corazon

462 Lygon St, Brunswick East 3057
Opening hours:
Tues-Sat 5pm-1am

Lygon Street is usually thought of as the Little Italy of Melbourne. Apart from one killer Indian restaurant (God bless you, Singh's) and a few Thai places, there's not much else besides Italian eateries, bars and the occasional gelati shop. That was until one So-Cal ex-pat by the name of Chrissie Slatter decided to take us all south of the border. Mi Corazon, Melbourne's only authentic tequila bar, has proudly reached the one-year mark by providing our city's tequila drinkers with the best the spirit has to offer. Sure, tequila has quite the stigma behind it, conjuring thoughts of lip, sip sucks and lay-backs punctuating our wildest bingy evenings. It's usually the first thing blamed when you're sitting at work the next day in the midst of the biggest hangover of your life. The reason for all this is simple; we in Australia have been duped with low-quality tequila for a millennia. Stepping into Mi Corazon, however, and one is greeted with the highest-quality Mexican tequila you could ever hope to find. No, you don't have to head straight for the Seleccion Supremia ($50 a shot), but you could do worse than start with a shot of Don Julio or Herradura. Both offer the same complexities as a fine scotch or vodka, and are usually drunk accompanying a Mexican or American beer (just like in the movies), accompanied by a shot of Sangrita - a spiced tomato/lime juice shot. Of course, you can simply grab a jug of sangria, some nachos or a fajita, and head for a bench seat with your mates, but as the saying goes, when in Mexico ...