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Lucky Coq

179 Chapel St
Windsor, VIC 3181
37° 51' 6.912" S, 144° 59' 35.232" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Best of Both Sides Festival 18th of April, 5:00pm
Best of Both Sides Festival 19th of April, 9:00pm
Best of Both Sides Festival 20th of April, 7:00pm
Best of Both Sides Festival 21st of April, 3:00pm
Coq Roq 23rd of April, 8:30pm
Coq Roq 30th of April, 8:30pm
Cosmic Pizza 22nd of April, 8:00pm
Cosmic Pizza 29th of April, 8:00pm
Free Range Funk 24th of April, 9:00pm
Free Range Funk 1st of May, 9:00pm
Luck Truck Fridays 25th of April, 9:00pm
Luck Truck Fridays 2nd of May, 9:00pm
Monday Struggle 28th of April, 6:00pm
Panorama Fridays 25th of April, 9:00pm
Panorama Fridays 2nd of May, 9:00pm
South Side Hustle Sundays 27th of April, 7:00pm
Textile Saturdays 26th of April, 9:00pm
Textile Saturdays 3rd of May, 9:00pm
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Opening Hours: 
Daily midday-3am

What used to be known as the Duke of Windsor was taken over by the management of Bimbo Deluxe a few years back and given a considerable redevelopment. Essentially, they bought a little bit of grungy Fitzroy to Chapel Street, a gamble that's clearly paid off. Like its sister venue, Lucky Coq offers cheap pizzas (and really cheap pizzas during happy hour), a laidback atmosphere and a no thrills fit-out. Dimly lit and cavernous, it's never quite shed its pub origins. That said, you'll find a selection of miss-matched couches and tables scattered throughout the lower floor. You'll also notice the plethora of roosters throughout the venue (Lucky Coq, get it?) - these come in porcelain, painted and the plush variety. Head upstairs and things take on more of a club-like atmosphere with a dancefloor and bass bins. There's also a courtyard area out the back. Drinks at Lucky Coq run the full spectrum of booze, everything from a selection of imported beers on tap to infused vodkas. Cocktails are also available but cheap beers, like a cold glass of Blonde Coq, best accompany the $4 pizzas. As you would imagine, those prices keep the Lucky Coq busy throughout the week and have seen it become a Chapel Street landmark in only a few short years.