Love Machine

Little Chapel St (Cnr Malvern Rd), South Yarra 3141
Opening hours:
Sat-Sun 9pm-6am

Spread over three levels of striking interior design, Love Machine is quintessentially Chapel Street. Aimed at urban professionals with money to burn, it's a shrine to house music and hedonism, one that's not designed for the faint hearted. While it's aimed at a slightly older demographic than some of the other Chapel Street options, Love Machine isn't any less 'up for it'. The decor was designed by the same people who put together Chasers, so that should give you some idea of what you're in for, i.e. wallflowers and those looking for a decent conversation need not apply - it isn't that kind of party. That said, there are plenty of private tables you can book and a private bar - the rockstar bar - on the third floor you can hire for functions and parties. The visuals are striking throughout and the three levels all have their own themes and colour schemes going on. There are also several bars featured throughout the venue and the focus is on cocktails, imported beers and top-shelf liquors. Oh, and let's not forget shots. Quite a few of those get downed on any given evening judging by the crowd's enthusiasm and friendly disposition. Basically you're looking at a Chapel Street crowd with money to burn and a party on their mind. It's not for everyone, but it's certainly fun if you're in the mood.