Long Room

162-168 Collins St, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 4pm-late, Sat 5pm-3am

For a long time now, the George's building has been a symbol of style, elegance and grace. And where better would you find one of Melbourne's high-end cocktail and dining establishments - we now present, The Long Room. A designer bar and club, this venue caters for so many tastes, flavours and desires, that you'd think it was crafted by the devil himself. With a variety of sections catering to any whim - be that a Japanese sushi or Spanish tapas bar, a retro disco lounge or the private cocktail bar - there are many reasons to put this bar on top of your pleasure list. During the week, The Long Room operates as a tapas and sushi bar of high repute, with Spanish tapas plates prepared using authentic methods (not the el swifto-style tapas one finds elsewhere). The atmosphere is relaxed and worldly, with staff flitting about tables satisfying any and all desires. A plethora of retro-styled sofas and seaters offer the perfect posing position to show off that new Alice McCall number you picked up on the weekend. Meanwhile, the faux moose head is your conversation starter should your company fail you. But on the weekends, The Long Room fills with only the smoothest of the smooth clientele; either ensconced within a private booth or cutting some rug on the dancefloor to the city's hottest DJs. Just make sure you dress to impress, or you may not number among them.