The Local Taphouse

184 Carlisle St, St Kilda East 3183
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue 6pm-1am, Wed-Sun 5pm-1am

"The best beer bar in the land". That's how The Beer Bible describes this St Kilda establishment. Presumably, they would know. That said, you don't have to be an expert to appreciate the charm of the Local Taphouse and its dedication to amber ales. Melding traditional reading room decor with a quaint, British pub feel, it really is one of the most impressive beer drinking establishments in Melbourne. Beers form the backbone of the Local Taphouse experience and the selection is as extensive and broad as you would expect. As a basic starting point, there are 20 different variates available on tap and you'd be doing well to recognise half the names. The bottled beer selection runs over several pages and, once again, the emphasis is on exotic, boutique beers you simply won't find anywhere else. Compared to this array of brewed beverages, the wine and spirit selection is quite limited, but then drinking wine at the Local Taphouse misses the point entirely. Complimenting all the boozing is one of the most charming fit-outs you'll find in a dedicated beer venue. Chesterfields, plush armchairs, antique lamps and more, sit alongside traditional long tables and the sort of trinkets British pubs are renowned for. Endlessly charming, the Local Taphouse is well worth a trip to St Kilda.