Kent Hotel

370 Rathdowne St, Carlton 3053
Opening hours:
Mon-Wed 10am-12am, Thurs-Sat 10am-1am, Sun 10am-11pm

Melbourne has more hotels per capita than anywhere else in Australia. In certain parts of town that means four separate locals on any given intersection. Despite all the competition, a venue doesn't need outlandish gimmick to attract repeat customers. An outstanding job with the basics - decor, drinks and ambience - can do wonders. That's certainly the case with the Kent Hotel. Housed in leafy Rathdowne Village, in North Carlton, the Kent is a boutique hotel with a very welcoming facade. The front bar is all polished wood, white walls and natural sunlight screaming in through the large windows. The decor has more than a hint of old-school Italian cafe about it; all charming little tables and vintage art prints on the wall, alongside an extensive selection of imported wines. The Kent has been serving modern Mediterranean food and cold beers for more than a decade and has attracted plenty of fans. While it's definitely aimed at cashed-up professionals, it's a lovely little place and has a genuinely inviting atmosphere. There are over 200 wines on offer, a great selection of imported beers and if you're lucky enough to grab an outside table, under the trees, you can happily while away an entire afternoon.