Hoo Haa

Lvl 1, 105 Chapel St, Windsor 3181
Opening hours:
Tue-Thu 5pm-1am, Fri-Sat 4pm-2am, Sun 4pm-1am

Located down the Windsor end of Chapel Street, Hoo Haa is little more bohemian than the surrounding venues. While the neighbours blast commercial house music and throw pre-mixed drinks at patrons, Hoo Haa is a more refined establishment. Hidden up a flight of stairs, it's half cocktail lounge, half European-style restaurant. The front section of the venue (facing out onto Chapel Street) is all ornate wallpapers, flower print lamps, a fireplace and leather lounges. The layout encourages mingling between patrons, which is fitting as the crowds are genuinely friendly. The actual bar rests in the centre of the room and is surrounded by heavy, European-style dining tables. Given the menu is based around a mix of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine, that makes sense. Whether you're eating or not, Hoo Haa offers an extensive drinks selection. The cocktail menu starts with $12 passionfruit twists and works its way up to the $17 Poached Pear and Saffron glazed Mai Tai, a medley of poached pear and saffron glaze muddled and shaken with fresh lime juice, English Harbour Rum and Orange Curacao. Naturally, you can also enjoy a beer from the boutique beer selection with something for every palate. With a beer garden out the back and a laidback mix of bar and cocktail lounge, Hoo Haa is a welcome change of pace for Chapel Street.