36 Swan St, Richmond 3121
Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 4pm-1am, Sat 12 midday-1am, Sun 12 midday-midnight

Heralding a new look for drinking establishments in Melbourne, Holliava ushered in the era of the rustic-finish bar. Polished cement, exposed brickwork and timber beams made for a welcome arrival all those years ago - an aesthetic copied by many a bar since then. Holliava has changed little since that time, but still fills to the gills every weekend with young 20- and 30-somethings, seasoned revellers and old hands alike. They flock for the leather couches, the Becks on tap and the cocktails. The sheltered beer garden out back is a popular place to rest your bones, that's after grabbing a boutique beer at the bar, of course. Feel free to order a pizza from across the road and have it delivered right to your barstool. And if the weather is a little off, the open fire inside is the perfect place to down a glass or two of red, as you impress your friends with tales of your travels through Tuscany. Although it won't be setting any wine critic's pants on fire, the wine list at Holliava is a respectable list of Australian drops. 'Good value' is a phrase that will probably come to mind as you peruse the list of notable regions and blends. But it's the cocktail list that will set anyone's pants aflame. Compiled by in-house mixologist, Mark Pratt, the list is as diverse as it is invigorating.