Grand Hotel (Frankston)

499 Nepean Hwy, Frankston 3199
Opening hours:
Thu-Sat 9am-4am Sun 9am-3am Mon-Thu 9am-2am

Frankston's Grand Hotel has received a serious upgrade in recent years. Millions of dollars have been ploughed into the venue, turning a once dusty, corner pub into a shiny social hub. Worn benches and old men in hats have been replaced with a bright and breezy fit-out and a clientele to match. The downstairs sports bar boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a clean, open-plan layout. With more Plasma TVs than you can count, it's the perfect spot to drop in for a beer and selection of international sports. Meanwhile, the newly minted Bistro offers casual dining and a relaxed ambience. Still, it's Level 1 that's attracting all the attention. A purpose-built nightclub, it hosts high-profile residencies from Ben Watt, Grant Smillie, John Course, Goodwill, Hook n Sling and Vandalism. When it comes to commercial club music, they're some of the biggest names in the country. While the sports bar sticks with the basics (beers and spirits), things are bit more adventurous on Level 1. Either way, the Grand Hotel has been rejuvenated by its recent changes. If you're looking for a sleek, modern hotel without any pretensions, you've found it. The south west just got a whole lot more interesting.