Golden Monkey

389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 5pm-3am, Sat 7pm-3am

You'll probably agree that Melbourne's not exactly short for Asian-inspired bars. Chinatown has more than a few fusion establishments, East-meets-West and so on. But when you find one that saturates every facet of its design, alcohol and service with all things authentically Asian, you know you're onto something special. Enter the world of Golden Monkey - the name inspired by the golden statue from the first scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Delivering award-winning food and beverages from across the Orient, this bar transports you deep into the land of the rising sun. The decor is the first thing to strike you as you walk in the doors of this mystical drinking den. Wooden lattice separates drinking areas, with table, chairs and benches handling large groups as equally well as intimate gatherings, with table service ensuring you need only rise from your seat to heed to call of nature. The rest of the time you're free to cradle another fresh produce-based cocktail, or slowly sip a cup of sake. Sourcing fresh ingredients from daily, local markets, the team at Golden Monkey take great pride in producing some of the city's most amazing cocktails. Try a lychee and lavender martini, with fresh lychees and house-made lavender syrup, or a Fuji apple and jasmine martini, with fresh Fuji apples and jasmine syrup. Wine and beer follow the Asian theme to a tee, with Japanese sake providing many with a warm glow over winter, and bottled beers from across Asia keeping things cool in the warmer months. You may also be surprised to discover comprehensive list rum, tequila, whiskey and fortified wines. Such is the allure of the Orient.