Gerald's Bar

386 Rathdowne St, Carlton North 3054
Opening hours:
Daily 5pm-11pm

Want to learn more about wine in a relaxed, casual atmosphere? Gerald's Bar can help you. Tucked away in Rathdowne Village, this cosy little venue is bright and breezy, soundtracked by a selection of laidback jazz and Latin music. While Gerald's boasts a serous selection of wines, it doesn't take itself too seriously. You won't find any wine snobbery here, not when the decor is a mix of net curtains, tea-towel tablecloths, Buddha statues and a David Bailey portrait of Michael Caine (circa Alfie). Sure, it's all a bit ad hoc, but it works, adding to the bar's casual atmosphere. Now, about that wine list; there are over 50 varieties on offer and they're all available by the glass - with one caveat. In a nutshell, the bar will only offer thee varieties of red, white and bubbly by the glass on any given evening. This is decided on a simple first come, first served basis. Get their early, request a glass of their most expensive red and that will be one of the nine selections for the evening. It's a good system, and seems to work for the bar's regulars. Naturally, there's a full selection of spirits on offer and a decent beer list, but that's not really what Gerald's is about. If you want to ease yourself into the world of wine then this is as good a place to start as any.