Elephant & Wheelbarrow (St Kilda)

169 Fitzroy St, St Kilda 3182
Opening hours:
Tue-Thu 11am-1am, Fri-Mon 11am-3am

You could be forgiven for thinking any English or Irish hotel is just going to be another carbon copy of every other themed hotel. Sure, there aren't many authentic UK hotels about, but those that are standing still do the job pretty well. Take the Elephant and Wheelbarrow for example; with an offering like sports, live music, food and drink specials and accommodation upstairs, it's basically all things to all people. Throw in a little St Kilda curb-side people watching, and you're onto a good bar, indeed. Most nights of the week, the Elephant plays sport on the big screen and runs a variety of food specials. Cheap steaks and chicken parmas are served with a pot of glass of your chosen poison. Naturally, there's Carlton Draught on tap for those on a budget. But feel free to move on up to the James Squire - Amber and Golden - or a pint of Kilkenny or Guinness to quell any homesickness. Add a selection of affordable wines and spirits, and you've got a one hip pocket friendly local. But weekends are when this place really starts to jump. The usually casual crowd of a weeknight become rowdy revellers across the weekend, with live bands hitting the stage with a collection of covers and hyped-up rock songs. It tends to get quite crowded, so if you don't mind a little shove here and there, this could be the place for you.