Electric Ladyland

Lvl 1, 265 Chapel Street, Prahran 3148
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 5pm-3am

While there's very little about this place that says 'Jimi Hendrix', Electric Ladyland does capture the whole music and booze vibe that the man's short life stood for anyway. In the plush interior dominated by a lengthy bar, the elite of Chapel Street flock to red leather sofas to sink a few cocktails and live it up in style. A perimeter of large windows affords one full view of the building's surrounds while creating a sense of space - a much-needed point considering this bar gets crowded easily. Grab a pot of Becks - there's no common ol' VB here - and head out to the heated beer garden for some al fresco people watching. With a million-dollar view of Chapel Street, you could spend most of your night just watching the wildlife on the street below. Or, if you prefer your drinks with a twist, the staff are more than happy to recommend a cocktail or two to have you well and truly forgetting where you live. Considering the drinking options in the area, this bar makes a welcome start, middle or end to any evening. While there's a distinct lack of dancefloor action - because there is no dancefloor - people seem happy to jump on the odd table to demonstrate their dancing skills and level of inebriation to all and sundry. Needless to say, this announces to most people the start of hunting season. And if you are in need of an escape plan (to get away from the 'hunters'), blag your way into the upstairs VIP room for some instant rockstar action. Platinum-blonde locks are your instant 'access all areas' pass.