DT's Hotel

164 Church St, Richmond 3121
Opening hours:
Tue-Thu 4pm-late, Fri-Sat 4pm-1am, Sun 2pm-11pm

DT's bills itself as Melbourne's "premiere GLBTI pub", but you wouldn't know it from the outside. The army green paint job certainly doesn't suggest drag shows or Kylie medleys. Mind you, the rainbow above the door might give you a clue. While the pub may cater to a predominantly gay and gay friendly crowd, everyone with an open mind is welcome. Sure, the atmosphere is a little more festive than your typical corner pub, but it's also relaxed and laidback. As for the decor, well, that's pretty typical of an inner city pub - apart from all the additional tinsel hanging from the rafters. The stage curtains are also a little more fabulous than you might find at a typical blue collar worker's local. In any case, it's the beer garden that tends to draw the punters, filled with palm trees and pumped full of knee-high smoke, it fills up quickly on most nights. The drink selection at DT's encompasses anything you might reasonably be looking to consume - from imported beers and wines through to spirits and cocktails. It's not award winning, but it does the job. Besides, no one really cares about immaculate cocktails here; DT's is far too laidback for that sort of nonsense.