Dog's Bar

54 Acland St, St Kilda 3182
Opening hours:
Daily 12pm-1am

There's no debating it; Dogs Bar is a St Kilda icon. Billing itself as one of the first bars in Melbourne, this bar has long stood as hallowed ground for the area's artistic folk (members from Mental as Anything used to live upstairs!), and a proverbial liquor weigh-station for the rest for us. And understandably so - the atmosphere at Dogs Bar is always the same: warm and jovial. And in case you're wondering, yes, you can bring your pooch. There's always a water bowl waiting outside. For the area, and the heritage of the bar, the wine list and food menu are both reasonably priced. Sure, there's no $10 cocktail night, but there is an enormous array of wines from here and overseas. Many a wine buff can be found on any night of the week, swirling a glass of vino under their nose and waxing lyrical about 'The bouquet! The Bouquet!' Fear not. You don't need to be this 'well-informed' to get the most our of a visit here; you merely need an appreciation for the finer things in life. Enjoy your wine on the terrace as the sun goes down over, err, McDonalds. But if you are prone to fits of verbal pleasure, then the food menu is sure to have you raving all the way home. A Euro-fusion delight, everything from risotto, sausages and mash, and pizzas are here to please your tastebuds and your wallet. And don't forget to check out the specials board; it changes regularly and is laden with gastronomic treats.