Destino Latin Bar

125 Chapel St, Windsor 318
Opening hours:
Daily 5pm-late

There are few things in life better than fine tequila; luckily, Destino Latino Bar just made your life a whole lot more enjoyable. With a menu of 12 stunning tequilas, it's easy to figure Destino is all about exotic pleasures. With decor evoking a frontier Mexican bar from Rodriguez's Desperado series, you'll feel you've stepping south of the border as you enjoy one of their eight well-selected Mexican beers, along with a Patron Anejo tequila and authentic comida (Mexican food). Of course, you won't find Antonio Banderas playing guitar in the corner. Other than that, with the sand-blasted walls giving off authentic Latino vibes, you're pretty close. Combine the elegant, contemporary take on a historical style surrounds and their tasty cocktail menu - featuring favourites such as the Berry Besos, the Conchita (after famed tennis player Conchita Martinez? We can only hope) and a classic margarita rivalling the best in Melbourne, and you've got your new favourite bar. In addition, the mammoth amount of rums and whiskies is nothing short of breathtaking - enjoying them with Sopes (small, thick tortillas with black beans, lettuce and cheese) or the Tacos Dorados, you'll be quickly won over by Destino Latino's authentic charm.